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Biogas is a renewable & combustible gas produced by fermentation of e.g. liquid manure, dung, renewable resources, or organic waste.

BIOGAS, the versatile gas:

  • In the combined heat and power plant it generates electricity, heat & cold
  • In a gas processing plant for refinement to biomethane, which is fed directly into the natural gas grid or is refueled as fuel in the form of CNG/LNG
  • We are currently replacing three nuclear power plants in Germany with biogas
  • It saves 20 million tons of CO2 (DE)
  • Flexible use Ôćĺ independent of weather & time of day
  • Biogas makes a major contribution to reducing the price policy in the electricity sector for the end consumer through flexible operation (peak load power plants)


Wood stores the energy of the sun and this can be obtained by means of wood gasification, no matter what time of day and weather.

Energy can also be produced at night or on windless days, unlike wind energy or photovoltaic systems, which are always dependent on the weather. Wood gasification extracts combustible gas from the energy source wood. This fuel is used to generate electricity, steam, heat & cooling with high efficiency in our modern gas engines.



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We accompany you, with our dedicated and experienced team, from consulting to planning to the successful operation of your biogas plant. Our certified specialist company according to DIN ISO 9001, pursuant to ┬ž62 WHG and MWM service partner, offers you a comprehensive service in the area of CHP, plant technology, biology and electrical engineering, as well as emergency service and remote maintenance.

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  • CHP service
  • Plant service
  • Electrical service
  • Biological service
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As one of the leading companies worldwide in the biogas industry, Biogas Hochreiter GmbH from Schnaitsee in Upper Bavaria has been operating functioning, efficient and above all highly reliable plant systems and technology for 35 years. Our product range as a manufacturer of biogas plants includes plant systems in the power range of 10 kWel. for compact plants, up to gas feed-in plants in the megawatt range. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hasitate to contact us.