Shape the future with renewable energy

Shape the future with renewable energy

Environmentally friendly energy concepts with maximum economic efficiency.
We guarantee our customers sophisticated, efficient and safe solutions.

As one of the pioneers in the field of biogas plants, we proudly look back on over 35 years of experience. We have been investing a lot of time and heart and soul in the research and development of renewable energies, on our own premises, since the early 1980s.

Our clear vision is to create an energy with a future. Today, the name Hochreiter stands for highest reliability and efficiency.
As a biogas plant manufacturer and planner, we are now one of the world’s leading, innovative and established full-service providers.
Shape the future with renewable energy!

We are still testing innovations at our own biogas plants at two locations in Schnaitsee/Upper Bavaria. Here, for example, tests are carried out with mixing technologie or the latest measurement and control technology.

Hochreiter guarantees its customers maximally sophisticated, efficient and safe solutions.

Our range includes almost everything you need for a biogas plant. Your part is limited to the construction services, as well as the registration with the energy supplier.

We support you in the best possible way with construction drawings from our own house and input-capable construction plans.

Benefit from our network and from our many years of experience! We will gladly provide you with further information! Get in touch with us.


Johann Hochreiter
Manager Director
+49 8074 91566-0

Renate Hochreiter
Manager Director
+49 8074 91566-14

Martin Vorwallner
Manager Director
+49 8074 91566-40

Verena Hochreiter
General Manager
+49 8074 91566-43

Sebastian Wagner
international/national planning
+49 8074 91566-37

Christina Größlhuber
Manure plants, extensions
+49 8074 91566-42

Thomas Forstner
Technical designer
+49 8074 91566-29

Andreas Holzner
Biogas plants, Woodgas plants, components
+49 8074 91566-13

Helmut Köhldorfner
Biogas plants, components, contact person in NRW and Vicinity
+49 8074 91566-24

Boris Dold
International, Black Forest area and Vicinity
+49 174 30 58 474

Bernhard Zehetmaier
Workshop – and production supervisor
+49 8074 91566-0

Walter Konhäuser
Implementing pumping technology

Christoph Steidle
Implementing CHP

Klaus König
Implementing CHP
+49 8074 91566-36

Rosi Kleinhuber
General spare parts orders
+49 8074 91566-26

Roland Ehmann
General spare parts orders
+49 8074 91566-34

Michael Sellmayer
General spare parts orders
+49 8074 91566-32

Josef Köhldorfner
Engine spare parts
+49 8074 91566-31

Sebastian Gröbner
CHP service, exhaust messurement
+49 8074 91566-38

Andreas Behr
CHP service (Mon-Fri mornings)
+49 8074 91566-30


Certified according to
ISO 9001:2015.

Unit certificate according to
VDE-AR-N4110 -/4105

Certified WHG specialist company according to
Transitional Ordinance to the VUmws.

The Hochreiter company history

We invite you on a journey through the exciting history of the Hochreiter company.

Certified WHG specialist company

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