Slurry plant with 150kW

Originally, a 100 kW plant was planned here. In order to take full advantage of the new EEG 2023, the output of the plant is now unceremoniously increased to 150 KW. The plant capacity can be adjusted without any problems and without a major increase in costs, and the increased feedstock volume, especially of slurry and manure, can be processed, thanks to the well thought-out plant design and the robust Hochreiter technology. A more powerful Hochreiter Deutz V6 CHP unit with 150 KW is now being installed to generate electricity.

Pürner / Peterskirchen (Upper Bavaria)

150 kWel. / 222 kW thermal

Corn silage, grass silage, clover grass, cattle manure, cattle dung

Container size:
Digester 16 x 6 m
Repository 22 x 6 m


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