The key to profitability

A functioning biogas plant is the key to profitability, but also to fun at work. However, if you miss the fun because your biogas plant is not running reliably and economically, it would be advisable to check the plant for various parameters. Trials have proven that there is still untapped potential in plants that are supposed to be working well.

To ensure that you, the operator, continue to enjoy your plant, we would like to offer you our various services and a wide range of spare parts.


2.500 m2 spare parts warehouse! We stock all electrical and mechanical spare parts on more than 2,500 m2. We also stock exchange engines from MAN, Deutz and Tedom. Thus, we are extremely flexible and can send you the desired parts quickly.


  • 24 hours express delivery
  • 12.000 items in stock
  • Spare parts ordering uncomplicated and convenient via WhatsApp
  • Second warehouse in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Simply send us the required spare parts with the exact designation, e.g. article number/photo of type plate, etc., stating your name and customer number to +49 8074 91566-34.


Du hast Fragen zu Bio- & Holzgasanlagen, Komponenten oder unserem Service?
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CHP service


  • Regular inspection and maintenance (manufacturer-independent by arrangement)
  • Maintenance contracts – with deadline monitoring to all-round carefree package
  • Gas engine overhaul and general overhaul
  • Wide range of engine spare parts, e.g. Deutz, MAN, Tedom, MWM, John Deere
  • Execution of exhaust gas measurements according to 44. BimSchV & for formaldehyde limit determination according to EEG

  • Supply/replacement of all wear parts
  • Conversions, additions and modifications
  • Advice on oil and antifreeze check
  • Eight service technicians

Endoscopic service

We use modern video endoscopy to get a picture of the inner workings of your CHP unit, without disassembling the engine. That means for you: good insight into the condition of your plant at all times, precise localization of weak points, early reaction and minimum downtimes.


Our installation team is well equipped and has years of extensive expertise.

Our services

  • Assembly of new plants
  • Replacement of mixing and pump technology with more efficient technology
  • Repairs and overhauls
  • Consulting and spare parts sales
  • Special productions according to customer requirements


We offer you a comprehensive electrical service through our own electrical department


  • Spare parts supply through our electrical warehouse with over 300 m² storage space for your biogas plant, CHP’s and their controls

  • We are able to develop software and make changes to controls, through our PLC programmers

  • Individual electrical planning, circuit diagram creation or modifications up to control cabinet construction

  • The installation of switchgear, its wiring and subsequent commissioning on site

  • We are a registered electrical specialist company, which allows us to communicate directly with the energy supplier

  • Telephone support, even after normal business hours


Benefit from our decades of practical experience in biological plant management and process control


  • On-site process biological and process engineering consulting through individual and personal support of the plant operator

  • Accompanying the commissioning of biogas plants

  • Sampling from the digester tanks at our central pumping station

  • Consulting & evaluation of the analysis results

  • Determination of fermentation potential through our own mini test facility

  • Analyses for the evaluation of energy content and process compatibility of input substrates (e.g. silages, cosubstrates, liquid manure etc.)

  • Gas analyses (CH4, H2S)
  • Detection of gas leaks

Additional services

As a partner of biogas plant operators, we offer additional services in several areas related to the operation of your biogas plant.

We have been working with qualified partners for decades and would like you to benefit from our network as well.

Acceptances according to the Water Resources Act

(WHG) and Industrial Safety Ordinance
As a certified specialist company acc. §62 WHG (Water Resources Act), we can provide you with competent experts and monitoring bodies for an inspection of your plant in accordance with water law.
We can also recommend competent persons for the acceptance of your biogas plant according to the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) or according to §29a BimSchG.

Emission measurements

We offer you a “one-stop service” in the field of exhaust gas measurements and formaldehyde limit measurements. Our partner is a notified measuring point according to §29b of the Federal Immission Control Act which both:

  • Initial and recurring exhaust gas measurements for plants requiring a permit according to the German Federal Immission Control Act (TA- Luft)

  • Recurring exhaust gas measurement to check the formaldehyde limits

Measurement technology for air pollution control

We arrange the exhaust gas measurements with the measuring institute and support them with our experienced and trained service technicians, in coordination with our customers
As an additional service we can offer you an online measurement on site for parallel monitoring to avoid unnecessary costs and to monitor a safe compliance with the required limit values.
We offer you all this for a fixed price including travel costs.